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440.00Amla Ginger Bites | 90g | Pack of 4
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Amla Ginger Bites | 90g | Pack of 4


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We have mixed 2 superfoods Amla and Ginger, both famous for their medicinal and healing properties to give you health and immunity a 2X boost.

Pack with vitamins, antioxidants, vitamin C Fiber, and several other nutrients. Our amla bites are your healthiest munching partner ever.

#Amla facts

Did you know that the name amla derives from Sanskrit work ‘Amalaki meaning ‘nectar of life’?


For centuries chickpeas were the snacks our grandparents and forefathers ate but as the unhealthy chips and fried, processed snacks started crowding our markets this super healthy snack was lost and forgotten.

But not anymore,

Our Roasted chickpeas are the new version of this oldest and most beloved snack.  A fusion of old and new to give you the best of health and taste.

All we have to say is,

We bet they are Not Your Regular Chana! Try them yourself!

3 reasons why Crispea should be your go to snacks:

  1. Crispea easily fit into all your diet prescription be it weight loss or better sugar control , digestive health or muscle building.

 2 Each pack is an ideal serving size so you don’t end up overeating but get the right nutrients in the right amounts.

  1. Unlike your protein bars and cookies which are sweet and whey drinks and shakes that are boring to drink, Crispea takes care of your protein needs in a fun and lip-smacking way.

P.S. Our ingredient list is clean and simple: organic chickpeas, rice bran oil and seasoning.

Key specification:

➟ 10 g Proteins

➟ 6g fiber

➟ 80% Less Oil than other snacks

➟ Low Sodium – only 35mg per pack

➟ No Added Sugar , No trans fat

➟ Naturally gluten free

➟ Simply roasted, not processed.

➟ No allergens like soy, peanuts, nuts or dairy.

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