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360.00Amla Beetroot Bites | Sun-Dried Amla Candies | Pack of 4 X 90g
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Amla Beetroot Bites | Sun-Dried Amla Candies | Pack of 4 X 90g


The Immunity Booster

Beetroots are loaded with healthy antioxidants and when mixed with immunity-boosting amla you get double nutrition and double taste.

2 Superfoods for a 2X  immunity boost & health!  

  • High Fiber
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • No Added Sugar, No chemicals, No preservatives
  • Loaded with antioxidants & nutrients

Our amla bites are your healthiest munching partner ever!

*Ideal for everyone kids and adults alike.


The name Amla is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Amalaki meaning ‘Nectar of life’. 

Indian Gooseberry or amla are known for their medicinal and healing properties. 

Why munch on unhealthy candies when you can opt for something healthier and equally fun? 

Three reasons Switch to Our Amla Bites 

  1. We have not sprinkled any sugar on our Amla Bites 
  2. Amla naturally contains good fiber to keep you full and your cravings away. 
  3. They are loaded with healthy nutrients & antioxidants. They are also Gluten Free. 
Key specification:

➟ High Fiber 

➟ Rich in Vitamin C 

➟ No Trans Fat 

➟ Naturally Gluten-free & vegan 

➟ No Added Sugar

➟ Sun-dried 

➟ No Chemicals or preservatives 

➟ No allergens like soy, peanuts, nuts, or dairy.

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