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Diwali Gifts

Gifts That Show You Care.


 A gift is just a way to show people that we care for them. And gifting a box full of healthy snacks is just the way to go. 

We believe a gift is a wish for happiness and health, therefore our Healthy Diwali Gift Hampers are created with love and thought. 

After all, it is not the gift but the thought that Counts. 


-The Gift Shop-

Healthy sweet diwali gift box- contains dried fruits and seed mix

Healthy Sweet Treats Gift Box

Yummilicious Dried Fruit Slices (Mango, Kiwi, Orange, Pineapple) and Protein Seed Mix. Natural Sweet Treat- healthy and totally guilt-free.

healthy roasted chickpea diwali gift hamper

Healthy Snack Gift Box

Roasted, crunchy, and high in Protein, Our roasted chickpea snacks come in 5 lip-smacking flavors. Healthy is now fun.

healthy diwali gift box

Healthy Immunity Gift Box

Protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and omega 3- Everything you need for strong immunity and superb taste.

healthy diwali hamper- trail mix

Healthy Trail Mix Gift Box

6 Super Seeds, Whey proteins, and Dried fruit slices (mango, kiwi, orange, pineapple). This Super food medley makes a super gift.

Want A Customized Gift Box?

Select from our wide range of healthy snacks to build your own gift box. Add your favorite flavors and snacks for your loved ones.

Bulk Order

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    Our Snacks

    Our snacks are high in protein, fiber, and healthy nutrients.

    They are made from 100% natural ingredients and nothing that comes from the lab. 

    They are simply roasted or dried, not at all processed.

    Our snacks are clean, healthy, and tasty. They are perfect for everyone, adults, and kids.

    High Protein

    10 gm good quality protein in each pack.

    High Fiber

    Our snacks are high fiber to keep you healthy and full..

    Gluten Free

    We use ingredients that are naturally gluten-free.

    Good Fat

    Heart-healthy MUFA and omega 3 only. NoTrans Fat.

    Nothing Artificial

    Just real food. No chemicals or preservatives.

    Healthy is Not Boring Anymore!