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Staying healthy this festive season

With Diwali lights gleaming everywhere, the spirit of festivities is in the air. The important part of these festivities is food. With scrumptious snacks, sinfully delicious sweets and larger than life feasts to indulge in, your healthy eating resolve is sure to break.

Okay! Before you quit reading let us make this clear, we are not here to tell you to not indulge we are here to help you stop from overindulging.

It is perfectly fine to enjoy the festival with your family and friends, relax on your much deserved vacation but what if you can do all this by taking care of your health? Sounds like a good deal, right?

These little tips can help you celebrate Diwali the healthy way so that there is no guilt attached.

  1. Keep up your health routine:
    Your healthy habits need not go on a vacation with you. Keep following the little things you do for your good health.  Do not let festivities become an excuse, stay in routine as much as possible.
  2. Do not skip meals:
    Skipping meal is one mistake people commonly make during festivals. People skip meals so that they can heartily enjoy the delicacies during the feast or party.
    Skipping meals however is never a good practice as this makes your sluggish and irritable dampening the festive spirit.
  3. Do not over feast
  4. The idea is to heartily enjoy the delicacies during the feast or party. This is
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Nutritionist Fatema Arsiwala
Founder, SnackAart

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