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10 Healthy Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is here, and the search for a good and healthy Diwali gift begins. We all want to give Diwali gifts that are not passed around and are of some value to the person you give. Sweets are the most common choice, but they are not healthy. 

In current times, we all need good health and immunity to keep deadly diseases away. So, why not make our Diwali gifts healthy. healthy Diwali Gifts

A Healthy Diwali gift sounds like a good idea. A new normal requires new trends in gifting. Therefore we have compiled a list of healthy Diwali gifts you can give this year. 

1. Dried Fruits and Nuts

nuts and dried fruits in bowls displayed

 Dried fruits and nuts boxes are and have always been a healthy Diwali gift. Though old-school, sweet dried fruits with crunchy nuts make a fun gift. They are a healthy snack to eat, a good source of nutrition. They are all-natural and free from junk.  

Dried Fruit snacks are now not limited to dates and apricots but several other fruits like prunes, kiwi, mango, berry mixes, etc. They are also ideal for kids over unhealthy sugar-filled candies and chocolates. Dried Fruits make a healthy Diwali gift that is sweet yet healthy. 

2. Fresh Fruit Basket

Fruit baskets as healthy diwali gifts

If Dried fruits sound old school, A fresh fruit basket is also a healthy Diwali gift worth considering.

Fruits are healthy, and there is no denying that. They contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Fruits help to heal and detoxify the body. You can make them striking by adding exotic fruits like Rambutan, Dragon Fruit, and Mangosteen, now available in India. 

3. Healthy Snack Hampers 

healthy diwali gift box with snacks from Snack aart

Why always sweet? A hamper filled with tangy, tasty, crunchy, and spicy snacks also makes a good Diwali gift. 

However, be sure to choose healthy snacks. We don’t want to send a box full of junk, chemicals, and preservatives. 

There are several brands and types of snacks you can choose to add to your healthy snack hamper. Be cautious products are not what they claim.  

Here are some tips to help you choose the right kind of snacks for your healthy Diwali gift hamper. 

  • Choose snacks that do not contain any added sugar and refined flour. 
  • We want snacks that are roasted, baked, popped, or dried. Fried snacks (even vacuum fried or kettle fried) are big No! 
  • Our healthy snack should contain good nutrients like proteins, vitamin C or good fats or fiber, good carbs, vitamins, and minerals. 
  • The fats used should be of good quality. Stay away from anything that contains hydrogenated vegetable oils. They are bad for you.  
  • Go for snacks that contain natural food ingredients you can recognize and do not sound like reading a chemistry book. 

 A healthy snack hamper will make a healthy Diwali gift for people who love eating snacks. Introduce them to snacks that can be fun and binged on guilt-free. Healthy snacks make an ideal gift for kids, as well as adults.

They are perfect for people with lifestyle diseases like obesity, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes. A healthy Diwali snack hamper lets you enjoy Diwali healthily and safely without missing out on the fun. 

 Here are a few snacks that you can add to your healthy snacks hamper- roasted chickpeas, fox nuts, khakra, trail mixes, roasted seed mixes, fruit snacks, baked chips, energy bars, granola, cold-pressed juices, Sattu drink, yogurts, kefir, etc

4. Gym Membership

picture of a gym

We all have that colleague or friend who is planning to join the gym from Monday, which never actually comes. So why not you do it for them. Gift them a gym membership. 

A gym membership makes a healthy Diwali gift for your team, friends as well as family. These days with work-from-home situations and less scope for physical activity, this gift of fitness can be the solution to our sedentary living. 

Make this Diwali a start to a healthy lifestyle and make better choices.  Also Read: Healthy Diwali-10 Simple Health Tips

5. Indoor Exercise Equipments

indoor gym equipments

Indoor exercise equipment also makes a good Diwali gift. They are handy and motivate people to work out and get moving. Indoor Gym equipment can be useful for the whole family. It saves time.  You can look at exercise balls, adjustable Dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise bikes, resistance bands, etc as your healthy Diwali gift. 

6. Nutrition Consultation

nutrition consultation

Being physically active and eating healthy food are two basic things you need to lead a healthy life. These days information is freely available but is it authentic and correct?  

A qualified nutritionist helps you make the right changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. A consultation with a qualified nutritionist makes a healthy gift for your family, friend, or colleague struggling to make healthy choices. A push from you can steer them towards a healthy and happy life. 

7. Nut Butters

peanut butter

Nut Butters, especially Peanut Butters, is quite a rage these days. Nut Butters are caloric dense, but they also contain proteins, good carbs, and fats that your body needs. Fortunately, you have Nut Butters without added sugar to pick. Nut Butters makes a healthy Diwali Gift this year. 

8. Homecooked Cookies and Sweets  

homemade cookies

Firstly, everything that is homemade spells love. Plus, homemade sweets are way better than store-bought sweets and cookies.  

  1. Making sweets and cookies at home gives you control over the ingredients you choose. You can swap all unhealthy ingredients with healthier versions like maida with whole grain flours, sugar with jaggery, or kakvi. 
  2. You can choose good fats to make your sweets. Use cow ghee over hydrogenated fats and low-quality adulterated fats. 
  3. The traditional Indian sweets like carrot halva, dudhi halva, or moong dal halva are nutritious sweet treats that make a good and healthy Diwali gift. 
  4. Sweets made at home will not be adulterated and will be free from added colors and preservatives. 
  5. Homecooked sweets are clean and hygienic.  

9. Healthy Gourmet Baskets

Toss in some good quality gourmet foods like herbs and seasonings, tea and coffees, kefir and kombucha, healthy snack mix, seed mixes, chocolates, and you have an amazing healthy Diwali gift at hand. Other good options for your gourmet food hamper are cold-pressed juices, olive oil, detox teas, herbal teas, essential oils, etc. 

Add a good recipe book or fun facts about the spices to your gift to make your healthy gourmet basket stand out. 

10. Indoor plants 

indoor plants

 Snake plants, money plants or trees, bamboo palm, peperomia, and other indoor plants can be easily ordered and delivered online. They are low maintenance, make your office and home cheerful. Indoor plants are good for your health too.

With the rising pollution levels and concrete living, this is most we can do to stay in touch with nature. And who knows, your gift may help someone develop a new hobby or rekindle an old one. 

To Sum It Up

The true joy of Diwali is in gifting and putting extra thought and care into selecting an ideal gift for your loved ones. It will take time but is worth its while. Celebrate good health and claim victory over your vices. Make Diwali Healthy and junk-free. 


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Nutritionist Fatema Arsiwala
A Qualified Nutritionist with more than 10 years of experience. She loves to write and help people make healthier choices. A mother of two lovely kids and consulting nutritionist, she is also a co-founder of Snack Aart.

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