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We, like you, were constantly searching for healthy snacks that are not boring. The fried chips and other crisps that flood the market today are alluring enough to break strongest of the will. This inspired us come up with snacks that can compete with these unhealthy munchies.

“Change the way you crunch it. Say no to chips, CRISP-PEA has a new definition!”

India is a country with a vast agricultural wealth but with all the rage and fanfare for exotic and fab ingredients from all around the world; the good old Indian pulses are forgotten. Indian pulses are treasure trove of healthful vitamins and minerals, fiber, antioxidants and most importantly they are packed with the power of protein.

“We bring to you Indian pulses in a refreshing and novel avatar!”

We started our experimentation with these protein-powered pulses and came up with CRISPEA- Delicious and crunchy Garbanzo beans. We have crisped them to give you the biggest crunch.

“We solemnly swear that our beans are CRISPED and not FRIED!”

People today are looking for healthier and mindful options and SnackAart salutes this spirit of wellness people harbour. Our snacks will be a perfect partner on your way to good health. We give our word, all our snacks are minimally processed, nutrient dense and are sans any artificial colouring, flavours and preservatives and fat.

“We believe that good snacks are made from good ingredients”

A healthy lifestyle is choice and with us, you can effortlessly enjoy the perks of good nutrition and
good taste.

“Don’t just believe us, try them out today!”

Meet our Founders

Fatema and HuzefaArsiwala, a loving couple, are the founders and force behind SnackAart.  A qualified clinical nutritionist with an experience of 8 years, Fatema came up with an idea to make snacking, a healthy and guilt-free art.

Huzefa, an entrepreneur in the textile industry and a health enthusiast himself was ready to co-pilot this venture. His knowledge of legalities and business management gave wings to SnackAart to take flight.

During her practice, Fatema came across that unhealthy snacking was one practice which was root cause of all existing health problem, in children as well as adults. In addition, people were looking out for easier options. Thus, SnackAart came up with its very first snacks- the Crispea!

They believe that you are what you eat and wanted to provide people with a snack that actually is what it claims.

P.s. They have two notorious kids, a boy and a girl who keep on finding ways to trouble their parents.

Hap-Pea Munching!

High Protein

Chickpeas have 38% protein ensuring high quality when compared to other types of natural protein supplements.

Low Calorie

Chickpeas contain a moderate amount of calories and are high in fiber which helps in weight loss.


Crispea is gluten-free certified, Gluten is usually found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye.

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