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Crispea Masala Twist| 36g | Pack of 6

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Imagine a chickpea roasted with healthy rice bran oil. Then imagine sticking traditional Indian masala with a modern twist over under those fine crisped Chickpea. Then take that imaginary roasted masala chickpea and indulge in them guilt-free.  They are so healthy you need not worry! 

Try them out and see how these mouth-watering crispea taste like.

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An indulgent mix of chickpeas, exotic flavors, and rice bran oil, gently roasted to give you a zesty delight. Did you know that Garbanzo beans are one of the best sources of protein in the world?   

+ Light yet filling snack, high in nutrition

+ High in Fiber with an excellent Amino Acid profile

+ Best replacement of egg protein for vegetarians

+ Beans + Flavors + Rice Bran oil ( Nothing Chemical)

+ Made from 100% Natural Ingredients

+ Stabilizes Blood Sugar level

+ Reduces the risk of heart-related diseases  

+ Snackaart Crispea nutrition facts (per 30g serving): 8.31g protein (high protein), 4.85g fiber (high fiber muesli), Vitamin A 7.01mcg and 0g fat   

Nutritional Information(36gm)

Calories                                          150kcal 

Protein                                           10 g

Total Carbohydrates                   19 g

Total Sugar                                   2 g

Fiber                                              6 g

Total Fat                                        2.5 g

Saturated Fat                               0.30 g

Trans Fat                                      0 g

Cholesterol                                   0 g

Sodium                                         35 mg

Calcium                                        107 mg

Vitamin A                                    8.7 mcg


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