Crispea Mexican Salsa| 36gm| Pack of 5

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Spice it up with the salsa! 

Take your taste buds for a twist with our new Mexican Salsa Crispea. This snack has some killer moves that will keep your sense dancing to the tunes.

Munch it the way you like, there is no stopping at one!

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Ditch the unhealthy junk and snack on this 100% natural, organic, and roasted chickpea snacks.

Crispea is perfectly roasted to give you a hearty crunch with an assortment of spicy and tangy flavors.

Crispea is good for the heart, helps control blood sugar, improves digestive health, and aids in weight loss. They easily fit into all your diet prescriptions for healthy living.

Boost your immunity with this high protein snack. Each pack provides a whopping 10g of proteins i.e. 20% of your daily requirements. Isn’t it great?

Crispea is high in Fiber ( 6 gm of fiber in each pack) which keeps you full and away from unhealthy junk. Say bye-bye to all your craving and hunger pangs with Crispea. 

Moreover, We have especially divided each pack in an ideal snack serving size so you don’t end up overeating and at the same time get the right nutrients in the right amounts. 

Brimming with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, Crispea is the new way you should snack in this new normal.

Do you know what makes Crispea different? 

 Unlike your protein bars and cookies which are sweet and whey drinks and shakes that are boring to drink, Crispea takes care of your protein needs in a fun and lip snacking way. 

We bet they are Not Your Regular Chana! Try them yourself!  

+ Light yet filling snack, high in nutrition

+ Beans + Flavors + Rice Bran oil ( Nothing Chemical)

+ Unprocessed and made from 100% Natural Ingredients

+ No Added Sugar 

+ Easy to carry along snacks for the office, picnics, or while on the road.

+ Crispea makes it easy to stick to your diet as it is low fat, low carb, and high protein snack

+ Boost up your workouts with the protein and spice up your taste buds with the tantalizing flavors.

+ Pop-on guilt-free while you binge your favorite shows, series, or movies.

+  Power up your runs, rides, and hikes with clean, natural vegetarian proteins.

+ Snackaart Crispea nutrition facts (per 36g serving): 10g protein (high protein), 6g fiber (high fiber), 35 mg Sodium (Low Sodium)  

Nutritional Information(36 g)

Calories                                          150kcal 

Protein                                       10 g

Total Carbohydrates                   19 g

Total Sugar                                   2 g

Fiber                                           6 g

Total Fat                                        2.5 g

Saturated Fat                               0.30 g

Trans Fat                                      0 g

Cholesterol                                   0 g

Sodium                                         35 mg

Calcium                                        107 mg

Vitamin A                                    8.7 mcg


Additional information

Weight350 g
Dimensions8 × 6 × 3 in


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