Say Hello to Guilt-Free Snacking

Guilt-free Choice

For ages our snacks have been deep fried and laden with salt, sugar and maida. But not anymore, Snack Aart is here to bring back healthy in your snacking.

Good Ingredients

We believe good health comes from good food. Therefore our snacks are made from 100% natural ingredients. No junkies like additives, Preservatives, chemical and colors. (Pinky swear)

Nutritionist Approved

We know health is precious and food should be nourishing. We have a Qualified Nutritionist with us, who guides us at every step so that we deliver you a ‘real’ healthy snack.

Anytime is Snacktime

Hap-Pea Munching!

High Protein

Each pack of Crispea gives you 10g of protein. The quality of protein in chickpea is better than other legumes as chickpea contains all amino acids except methionine.

Low Calorie

Each pack of Crispea is divided into ideal snack portions, so that you get optimum calories that a snack should give.


Chickpea are naturally gluten-free. Crispea doesnt contain grains or gluten in any of its ingredients. Crispea are organic, unprocessed, and gluten-free.

Roasted with Love and Care

I would definitely recommend Crispeas to all those who are health conscious,gym freak & those who eat junk food & chaknas😜. From me , it’s five stars rating.

Snackaart review by Dr. Dhavat Sukharamwala

Dr. Dhavat S

Cataract & Refractive Surgeon

Great snack for health conscious people or those on diet. Get goodness of protein and fiber WITH GREAT TASTE😋.I have tried all the flavours, they are yum!                                                      

Snackaart review by Dietician Shrusti Bothra

Srushti B


The most delicious health snack I’ve ever tasted. Highly recommend Crispea to everyone looking for health food that also perks up your taste buds. Love all their flavours !!

Zahra .K

MDV Foods
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